Solution Architect at Attar Group

Sep 2012 - Dec 2018

Mad Tejaratgostaran Attar, established in 2008, is an innovative knowledge enterprise hiring top students and researchers from universities as well as members of the international Olympiads teams. Attar Group focuses on disruptive technologies to boost productivity in industrial, educational, and research centers.

I joined Attar Group as a junior software developer in 2012. Following a series of well executed projects, the CEO took notice of my abilities and so I rose up the ranks to senior developer in less than a year. Soon after, I helped initiate a company wide upgrade of practices to agile methods, which lead to me getting promoted to Solution Architect.

In my role as the Solution Architect, I designed, evaluated, and managed more than 50 solutions for high-tech industries, working closely with many talented individuals, in a collaborative and innovative setting. This promoted a culture of mentorship, risk-taking, and trust, where no idea was neglected.

In Attar Group, while focusing on User Experience, we used Scrumban, pair programming, and other agile design and development methods to create Domain-Driven, Behavior-Guided, and Information-Centric solutions for our clients. As the Solution Architect I played the role of the captain of the team, driving design, implementation and delivery with tight deadlines.